Alki’i Misses Halter Top Beach Dress

This easy to wear stylish v neckline cover up is made of high quality fabric that is soft and lightweight. Wear it over your favorite swimsuit and look stunning. A must have for your next vacation.

Product Features

  • Size: Small-3,4,5 Medium-6,7,8 Large-9,10 X-Large-11,12
  • Available in white and black
  • Made of 100% crinkle cotton

3 thoughts on “Alki’i Misses Halter Top Beach Dress

  1. Lovely but low quality cloth Love this dress because of the very simple yet very elegant cut – have worn it far more to sleep and never to the beach yet though its great for the beach. My fiancé likes it a lot because it makes you look very feminine so I’ve ended up wearing it more when we’re relaxing. However! The material is very, very cheap – and I’m not confusing ‘cheap’ with ‘transparency’ – it has just the right see-through quality which is great but the cotton is very low quality. The cut was too low in the center front and back but I think that is because I bought a size too large for me and so therefore the pattern requires that you sharpen the angle of the cut – on a person who orders a size too large for them, the center parts tend to be too pointy and low. Even though it fits me like that now, I’m still happy with it but was VERY DISAPPOINTED with the quality of the material – more so because I think the price is way too high for the material they’re selling you.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! I love it! This is a beautiful cover for the beach! I love it!! I just got mine in the mail, today, and it is every bit as gorgeous as it is in the picture (not to mention comfortable). PLUS, even though it’s slightly see-through, it does a good job of covering up those problem areas that I don’t necessarily want to show off at the beach. 😉 It’s great. Two thumbs way up! 🙂

  3. poor quality fabric I was taking some sort of sticky tag that was on the garment off so I could wash it before I wore it, and as I was trying to peel off the tag it ripped a hole in it. This fabric was such poor quality , it reminded me of tissue paper. So I ended up throwing it away, because there was no way to repair it. I will never purchase anything from this company again.

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