4 thoughts on “Aquabelle Chlorine Resistant! Black Plus Size Bike Short Plus Size Swimsuit

  1. The children are safe! I have some coverage issues, even with “conservative fit” suits, because of the way my body is shaped. I was always self-conscious and either walked around holding a towel in front of me until I got to the water, or had both hands down trying to cover my…um…. areas, thinking “must. save. the. children” With these shorts under my suit I am free! Free to walk between the locker room and the pool and throw my towel nonchalantly over my shoulder, free to get a kickboard off the shelf using my hands instead of my teeth, and free to relax and enjoy my aquafit class and lap swimming without fear of exposure. I highly recommend these water shorts if you have any issues with coverage. Swim and move freely with confidence that all your girly bits are still private.

  2. Best swimwear ever!! After spending numerous hours online trying to find swim bottoms that fit anyone larger than a size 10 without showing anymore than I would like, I found these. I was looking for a swim bottoms to use on my vacation to Maui where i will be snorkeling & swimming all day every day. I am extremely happy with these. I tried them on with my favorite swim tops & they look amazing!! They cover all the areas that I wanted covered. I am a size 10/12 and I ordered the 2x and they fit awesome!! Super comfortable. The waistband is extremely comfortable, but not to loose. If you are looking for bottoms that are longer than the “boy shorts”, these are the bottoms for you. HIGHLY recommend!!

  3. Great Fit was perfect, matches my existing suit. I bought these because losing weight but , current suit still fit in top and was getting big on bottom (which is good thing) but needed coverage, these swim shorts work great. worn shorts for about two months and will need to get smaller size. FYI, do not ruin by putting in wash with fabric softner, or in dryer. That will break down fibers in shorts and make them look funky. But That was on me, the shorts are great, love them and price is all right for my modest budget.

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