HOTER® Perfect Slim Belly & Waist Cover One Piece Swimsuit Droplet

HOTER® Perfect Slim Belly & Waist Cover One Piece Swimsuit Droplet

Type: One piece swimwear

Material: plug material(cotton 82%, spandex 18%),lining(cotton 100%)

Color: Black, Navy blue, Red White, Droplet, Black White, Pink, Yellow, Lake blue, Leopard

About Hoter Brand:

H`o`ter which means good luck and auspicious in Germany. It is a new brand which adopt German standard quality control system and make all its products professional and good quality. They assure all of their products through strict quality control of German standard system. Hoter men just try their best to give customer the best quality and the service all over the world. Hoter means complete quality, when you buy Hoter products, you are buying the ultimate in performance and item life.


As our Hoter Brand products uses systematic quality control, we don’t have any reseller for our brand products except the original Hoter brand supply. AWDEAL is only the Hoter brand sale distributor, so if other seller use the brand intentionally, we would not be responsible for any issues may occur of fakes.

Product Features

  • Cotton 82%; spandex 18%
  • Can cover your belly and waist
  • Show slim shape
  • Bring you confidence
  • Pls notice the size reference

2 thoughts on “HOTER® Perfect Slim Belly & Waist Cover One Piece Swimsuit Droplet

  1. hmmmm…. I had seen on other reviews that this was too tight and was worried to buy mine but then got over it and told myself I am losing weight and will continue to so if it doesn’t fit now it will fit next summer. Let me tell you I am 5’3″ 168 with a 33″ waist and 40″ hips and this fit perfect :/I wanted to at least be a little snug due to the title “slim belly” which for me means I am an item that is meant to be tight and my belly is soft due to children bearing, still working on that, so I needed that at least I know i could probably do a xl or even a L (oh I bought a xxl) I love it cause it feels nice fits comfy and covers what I needand I put all my numbers up there to help those know more or less how it fitsI hope this helps and save someone from needing to buy more down the road cause after all this is a cute suit

  2. Fail I’m not a water person but my preschooler loves the water and I needed something to wear with her in the kiddie pool. Couldn’t bear to spend lots of money for a suit that’ll hardly get wet. To add to the challenge, I’m 5′ and petite suits are even more expensive. I’m usually a size 14 so I bought a 16 which is labeled 5XL. It gets two stars because it is cute, and might work for someone tall and (already) thin, but there are problems beyond my body challenges.1) Very long torso. Usually regular suits have some wrinkles on me but this one had inches of extra material with no place to go. I would think you’d have to be 5’5″ or 5’6″ for this to work.2) tummy section not slimming or even tight. I expected the suit to feel like control top panty hose or something, but that was not at all the case. The midsection is actually a a separate thin white material, with the bottoms that match the suit sewn in. It seems the skirt could easily blow up to expose this…

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