Miraclesuit Women’s Must Haves Aurora Swimdress

The miraclesuit is a unique swimsuit that contours, shapes, slims and firms the body. It is comfortable. It is fashion forward. It is every women’s dream come true.

Product Features

  • Miraclesuit has three times the holding powerof the average swimsuit and it accomplishes this withoutthe conventional girdle control linings.
  • When a women puts on a Miraclesuit she appears tp lose 10 pounds in 10 seconds?the 10 seconds it taks to slip it on.

3 thoughts on “Miraclesuit Women’s Must Haves Aurora Swimdress

  1. Love it/Hate it I am VERY happy with how the front of this suit fits. Very flattering. It’s the first time I’ve been pleased trying on a bathing suit. Then I turned around…ugh! The manufacturer should bear in mind that anyone who buys a bathing suit with the word “Miracle” in it won’t just need help covering flaws on the front of the body. We also need help in the back–namely, back fat. The back is cut a little low and the fabric accentuate shapes it shouldn’t! I’m torn because the front is great, but I will have to return it because of how the back fits. If they change the design of the back, I’ll reconsider and purchase another.

  2. The suit is so snug that it makes the back fat “pop” abd I didn’t consider back fat to be a problem area. Unfortunately I’ll be sending it back.

  3. Would recommend this suit for grandmothers like myself who are looking for a little more coverage than the young gals can get by with wearing! We boat with our grandchildren, and I wanted a modest suit on top of which I did not feel compelled to wear separate shorts or a bulky cover-up. This does the trick and allows me to get some sun, though I often wish the skirt were not quite so long. Nevertheless, the suit fits well and was of good quality.

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