Miraclesuit Women’s Plus Size Solid Oceanus

The miraclesuit is a unique swimsuit that contours, shapes, slims and firms the body. It is comfortable. It is fashion forward. It is every women’s dream come true.

Product Features

  • Miraclesuit has three times the holding powerof the average swimsuit and it accomplishes this withoutthe conventional girdle control linings.
  • When a women puts on a Miraclesuit she appears tp lose 10 pounds in 10 seconds?the 10 seconds it taks to slip it on.

2 thoughts on “Miraclesuit Women’s Plus Size Solid Oceanus

  1. Not a favorite anymore. I’ve bought Oceanus suits exclusively for the last 7 years and decided it was time to buy my third suit. This one was a great value, so I ordered the size I thought was correct and waited. I just tried it on and discovered it’s one size too big. That’s my fault, but what was more disappointing was the suit’s bra. I wear a DDD, so I expected it to be a little small. I was surprised to discover the bra on this suit is too baggy. In fact, the suit really fit fine (could have been tighter for better sucking in), but the bra concerns me. I am not returning it because I need it for this weekend, but I am living in fear that this bra won’t support me at our pool party. They changed the bra’s design by adding this extra fabric that I assume is meant to keep the girls more secure. But it’s not attached to all sides, just the bottom and outside wall of the bra. With the padded bra being too large, this makes the extra fabric superfluous and more a hindrance than help. The suit is not as…

  2. I love this bathing suit. I just tried it on and it looks good. A bit pricey so instead of two I purchased on good one, I can change up with wraps.

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