Poolmaster Learn-To-Swim® Freestyler Floatation Suit – S

Helps build confidence Comfortable polyester and spandex suit Rear zipper & hook loop collar closure Wrap-around closed-cell foam floats Age: 3-5 Years Fits: Height 36″-41″ and Weight 28-40 lbs

Product Features

  • Comfortable polyester and Spandex suit with wrap-around closed-cell foam floats
  • Rear zippered entry and hook and loop collar closure
  • Helps build confidence of beginning and advancing young swimmers
  • Small, height: 36″ to 41″, weight: 28 to 40lbs
  • A dry fitting on the child should be snug, since suit will stretch slightly in the water

3 thoughts on “Poolmaster Learn-To-Swim® Freestyler Floatation Suit – S

  1. Just what we needed I bought this for my almost 2yo son to wear at the pool. It doesn’t keep his head above the water by itself, but he has pretty much zero swimming skills so that’s not a fault of the suit. It is a huge help– it makes him much easier to manage in the pool, gives me a little back-up in keeping him safe, and lets him feel his body a little more independently in the water than if someone is supporting him totally. The foam inserts have 3 layers so you can take them out gradually as the child becomes more secure in the water. I won’t be doing that this summer, but I think it’s a nice feature. My son is tall for his age, 36″, and the size small just fits him– won’t fit next year. This needs to fit just right though, to make sure the floats don’t end up in their face, so I wouldn’t recommend sizing up. The foam is nice and thick, the zipper is sturdy, the fabric could be a little thicker/better quality but it’s adequate.

  2. not the best I’ve seen This suit does not keep my son afloat without supplemental water wings. I had a different suit that kept him afloat and didn’t let his chin go below. This one may be for a stronger swimmer.Also, the panels move around inside the suit and end up closer to his chin. I ordered the Puddlejumpers life vest (haven’t got it yet, but it got good reviews) and may put this one away until he’s a little older.

  3. Usefull for those little swimmers just starting out…. I got this for my son who is just learning to swim. He is fairly large for his age. This suit helped to give him much more buoyancy than nothing at all. It would not keep him floating independently though. This and some water wings did the trick though. I felt that I needed to stay close and keep an eye on him at all times, but in a pool with a low gradient I felt like he gained a lot of confidence and I could let him wander farther than arms reach.The suit looks good, and wasn’t so large that it restricted his movement. We either used this as the only suit or slipped it over another one.It’s held up pretty well for several months now, so yes I would highly recommend it to other budding swimmers.

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