3 thoughts on “TYR Sport Women’s Solid Diamondback Swim Suit,Black,42

  1. Good material, feels slightly tight across upper chest I like the suit material-wise – it’s lined and it feels sturdy, not cheap. The color is true to the photo too, and is a nice crimson. I’m petite and small on top, heavier on the bottom. The suit feels a bit tight (though not horribly uncomfortable)around the armpit area. I also have a relatively short torso, and so there is *slight* bunching in the material around the waist area. I’m a 34 bra size and bought this in size 34. Though not an absolutely perfect it was the right size and does the job.

  2. Completely gave out after 6-7 workouts! I agree with the previous poster about the styling and color (the red is gorgeous–as soon as I saw my friend’s red one, I wished I’d ordered red!). I can only give this suit 3 stars, though, because all the stretchy stuff in the suit decomposed after only 6-7 swims! Literally, I swim 3 times a week, and after just over 2 weeks of that, I got in the shower and noticed all the stretchy fibers had fallen apart, rendering the suit unwearable (I had to throw it out–ouch!). I have been a swimmer my entire life, and I know how to take care of suits, so this was not a case of “user error.” If you’re looking for a cute, sporty-looking suit with a lot of color choices, and you don’t need it to last very long, then this would be perfect. In the future, I’m going to invest more money and try one of the longer-lasting fabrics now available on the market.

  3. Fashionable for an athletic suit, Durable I really love this suit. It fits well and actually looks good for a one-piece. I swim with it almost daily and it is still going strong.

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